Dry cured, hot-smoked


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Caroenda, pepper, mustard seed is gently crushed in a mortar – in this way we release more aroma from the spices.

  1. We do not use dusty spices, they stick to meat during curing, it is difficult to remove them later during smoking and dark spots and spots remain.
  2. The loin is a delicate muscle, stable, not involved in movement. It contains the two noblest muscles – the external and internal sirloin, so it contains little fat and has a very delicate muscle fibre structure. There is not much fat, so spices such as garlic, allspice, bay leaf – spoil the taste of meat – should not be used for loin curing.

Mix all the spices and rub them evenly on the meat, which is placed in a ceramic dish, stainless steel or GN pot – no.

Put it in a cool room, preferably a refrigerator – storage temperature – (4˚C to 7˚C).

We cure minimum 3 days. During the curing process, turn the loin twice a day and rotate it. After three days, prepare the meat for smoking.

  1. After curing, the meat can be rinsed out from the spices in lukewarm water – then during smoking we obtain a nice color (pigment from wood) with a nice sheen.
  2. Spices can also be gently scraped off with a knife – then the color of smoked meat will be brown, slightly matt.

After all these treatments the curing is finished by drying the meat, preferably in an airy sunny place. We can also use a paper towel. The drying time depends on the weather conditions – when touching the meat should be dry as paper – it should not stick.

Smoking: hot method – temperature 80˚C using a smoker brand smoker grill

In this heat treatment process three smoking phases must be distinguished:

We finished curing with drying, while after putting our loin in the smokehouse, the smoking starts with drying. Therefore, in this first phase of smoking, we slightly open the door of the smokehouse, the chimney shaft is completely open (in principle, the shutter on the chimney should be open throughout the entire smoking process), this procedure is used so that a greater rotation of air drying our product appears in the smoking chamber.

Water speeds up the rotting processes and causes the water to catch soot from the smoke during smoking, so in the curing process the salt having hygroscopic properties removes water from the tissue. During the smoking process we further remove water by evaporation through temperature.

The drying phase should last until the appearance of fat on the surface of the meat (fat is a carrier of color and taste). Then close the door of the smokehouse and set the temperature in the smokehouse to 80˚C. The smoking time in this phase is (from 40 to 60 minutes), but until the appropriate color is obtained, depending on the wood used – the best beech, alder – can be with the addition of fruit wood. It is not advisable to smoke with fruit wood alone – you can get the taste of bitterness.

The final phase is baking, in the smoking hustle and bustle, which involves raising the smoking temperature to 95˚C.

In a dragon, it is the adjustment of the glass at the hearth – you have to open it wide. The burning time is about 20 minutes.  The best time to achieve the internal temperature of the loin is about 70˚C.

We can check it as follows: by pressing the loin with your fingers, the meat must be slightly springy. If it is hard as stone will be dry. If the meat is soft, it will be raw inside.

After the pork is smoked, the soft part can be used as a smoked sandwich topping, snacks. Bones can be cut and used to cook delicious crane.