Grillo – Smoke  type  SMOKER  

The unquestionable attraction of these devices&nbsp is the possibility of smoking. Smoking can be done by cold, hot, hot with baking, etc.

We offer equipment for gainful work – for restaurants, catering companies, meat industry (product promotion, point of sale promotion), fishing farms, service of large mass events, outdoor events. For these purposes, all  barbecues and smoking machines on trucks and from a group of stationary to business.   these are best suited:  Queen, King, Smoker.

Grillo-smoking plants have been produced since 2000. The first models were the King and Queen grills. Later on, the models on trailers and smaller constructions from the Smoker KS II 400 family were created. On the basis of this barbecue a group of barbecue smokehouses “Prince” 300, 400, 500 was created. The difference lies in the size of the diameters of the smoking attachments.

Probably the group “WiKing  II”. – without a smokehouse and with smoking attachments such as: WiKing II 300, WiKing II 400 – these barbecues, due to their vertical construction  they take up less space, can be used in allotment conditions, at home, on terraces, small restaurant terraces and especially in agritourism (as an additional attraction), where guests can prepare and make their own specialties according to their own traditional recipes and then taste them in the bosom of nature.



1. The barbecue consists of three parts: hearth, barbecue or bbq part and smokehouse.

2. Grills are made of special sheet metal with a larger admixture of 4mm to 6mm of coal.This is of great importance for heat treatment, where constant stable temperature is required.

Note: Grills with unsuitable sheet metal thickness below 4mm are not suitable for professional use. They have a short service life, besides in special conditions – rain, wind, winter, frost – it is difficult to maintain the temperature regime, which in effect translates into the quality of made specialties.

3. Grill grate or bbq is made of stainless steel rod Ø 6mm thick.

4. The fire grate is made of 16 mm diameter steel rod

5. They are painted with heat-resistant paint used in appliances up to 800˚C – approved by the food industry, they also have patent claims.

6. All the elements, details as well as the whole construction are made by the hands of high-class specialists: constructors of practitioners, welders, locksmiths, etc.


Atractionality of gastronomic appliances type – smoker:

1. Design and construction affect functionality and innovation devices: you can bake, fry, grill, use bbq heat treatment and smoke with different methods: cold, hot and hot.

2. The temperature source is outside the barbecue area and bbq –  Health

3. For sunbathing we use only deciduous wood, preferably dry (less tar compounds), the basic ones are: beech, oak, alder, may be fruit wood – pear cherry, plum, cherry etc. – ecology

4. Low wood consumption during the heat treatment process, high portion capacity with a small number of operators – economics (low running costs).

5. The heat treatment takes place under cover (all barbecues have fixed flaps), so there is no danger of bad weather – rain, snow or dust – safety and hygiene.


In short, the advantages of the SMOKER to:
1. Multifunctionality and Innovation
2. Health
3. Ecology
4. Economics
5. Safety and hygiene