Delicious and healthy!


Durability, Mobility, Design.



Anyone who tries a smoker's barbecue will be delighted with the choice.

Grill-Smoker I smokehouse - made it perfect during our last mass event, we easily spent 900 portions - necks and sausages. We recommend Smoker products. You can see that the company focuses on functionality and not on fantasy. The equipment works well in difficult conditions. Small fuel costs - 6 hours of work = for 12 PLN of wood ))) unbelievable. Charcoal would have gone for two hundred dollars like nothing. Two people at a grill for 600 people.

Tomasz Kowalewski

Since we have been using the Smoker barbecue-smoking facility, we cannot imagine a larger garden party without it. The ideal equipment for every occasion. And what kind of products do we make our own - yummy......

Iwona Kowalska

Household grills

for business

Performing, business, medium, large restaurants, restaurant terraces, agrotourism, weddings, events.

on trailers

Designed for gainful work, service of large restaurants, mass events, capacity: 600 - 800 portions / hour. One-time charge to the smokehouse: 2 x 30 kg = 60 kg

Delicious and healthy!

Award-winning barbecues and smokers!

Grills for the most demanding, well thought-out design and versatility.

Leszek Kosarzecki

Production of top-quality barbecues and smokehouses

“Smoker” is a brand of devices used for thermal treatment of food products, characterized by the fact that the source of fire (temperature) is outside the barbecue, bbq or smokehouse. The “Smoker” brand was established in 2000.