Delicious and healthy!


Durability, Mobility, Design.

Barbecue-smokehouse manufacturer

Smoked meats are an integral part of the Polish culinary art – thanks to proper processing, meats, fish and vegetables gain a unique, refined taste while maintaining their health properties. However, to achieve this effect, you will need high-quality smoking equipment.

Smoker company is a manufacturer of high-quality barbecue-smokehouses, present on the market since 2000. Through all the years of our activity, we have gained recognition among both our business customers and private individuals. Confirmation of the highest quality of the equipment we produce are numerous awards and distinctions, won during events such as the Gdansk International Fair, GASTROEXPO fair and Polish and foreign events related to the barbecue industry.


producent grilli

Beef Grill of Nature Taste- Big Brother Grill In the beautiful scenery of the Parasol Hotel by the Zegrzynski Lagoon on 03.10.2020 the Great Brothers’

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producent grilli

Expert Eye – Beef Grill of Nature Taste On 2 and 3 October 2020 in Nieporęt, at the Parasol Hotel, an unusual event was held

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Anyone who tries a smoker's barbecue will be delighted with the choice.

Household grills

for business

Performing, business, medium, large restaurants, restaurant terraces, agrotourism, weddings, events.

on trailers

Designed for gainful work, service of large restaurants, mass events, capacity: 600 - 800 portions / hour. One-time charge to the smokehouse: 2 x 30 kg = 60 kg

Delicious and healthy!

Award-winning barbecues and smokers!

Grills for the most demanding, well thought-out design and versatility.

Leszek Kosarzecki

Grillo-smokehouses for everyone

Our offer consists of high-quality backyard barbecue-smokehouses, which are sure to be appreciated by those who barbecue and smoke for their own use, as well as mobile ones, designed for the widely understood catering industry – restaurants and bars, companies serving weddings, agritourism enterprises and many others. We also manufacture elaborate barbecue-smoking facilities on lorries, which are ideal for large events – with their help you can serve up to 1,000 people in just 2-3 hours.

What sets our brand apart?

The distinguishing feature of all our products is the specific multi-chamber design, in which the smoking chamber, the grilling chamber and the hearths are separate but interconnected elements. Such a solution has a lot of pluses, including better control over the embers and temperature (even during adverse weather conditions), as well as preventing grease from contaminating the embers and ash from settling on the food. This is important for maintaining the highest quality of prepared foods.

We are also famous for using high-quality materials in the production of our barbecue-smokehouses, namely sheet metal made of a special alloy of steel and carbon. The right composition of the sheet metal and its thickness gives it properties similar to those of chamotte bricks, namely the ability to accumulate temperature and gradually release heat. As a result, our barbecue-smokers are characterized by extremely high efficiency and economical operation, as well as durability. Each of them can successfully serve for many years, which is especially important for their business use.

Why should you bet on the Smoker brand?

Many years of experience and tradition of production, the use of high-quality materials and the application of professional technologies… All this makes us, as a Smoker brand, widely recognized in the catering industry and among barbecue, BBQ and smoking enthusiasts both in Poland and abroad. When you choose our BBQ-smokers, you also choose:

  • Healthy, delicious traditional meals that you can easily prepare for your loved ones or clients,
  • efficiency and economy – we have constructed the grill-smokehouses in such a way as to minimize the loss of heat generated,
  • longevity – thanks to its durable yet simple design, our barbecue-smokehouses are a great investment for years to come.

We invite you to take a closer look at our offer and contact us – we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns about our barbecue-smokehouses.

Production of top-quality barbecues and smokehouses

“Smoker” is a brand of devices used for thermal treatment of food products, characterized by the fact that the source of fire (temperature) is outside the barbecue, bbq or smokehouse. The “Smoker” brand was established in 2000.