Grills for Business

The summer season is a time for barbecues. As soon as the weather gets warmer, many people like to go outdoors to eat sausages, ribs, pork neck and other dishes prepared on a hot grill with friends and acquaintances. The popularity of grilled food is a great opportunity for the food service business, meaning restaurants, hotels and catering companies. However, to meet the demand for high-quality meals, you will need the right equipment. Smoker brand grills for business will be ideal in this role.

Our offer for companies operating in the food service industry consists of equipment:

  • King
  • King K-600
  • KS II-500
  • Mac & Ivic
  • Smoker 600

Each of the models is manufactured from the highest quality materials and using high-end technology – making them ideal for everyday restaurant operations, as well as for serving a variety of events, rallies and corporate events.

What makes the Smoker brand of foodservice grills different?

The hallmark of our barbecue-smokehouses – both home and commercial-use ones-is the use of a special boiler-steel sheet in their manufacture. This material is often used in the construction of boilers and heating system components, as it behaves similarly to the chamotte bricks used in the construction of stoves and fireplaces – it is able to accumulate significant amounts of heat, which is then slowly released into the environment. This means that even long after the embers in the firebox have gone out, the grill maintains a relatively constant temperature, which can be used in the heat treatment of products on the grill.

The quality of processing is also influenced by the characteristic linear layout of most of our equipment. This means that each of the elements of the grill – the hearth, the grate, the smokehouse – is located in separate chambers, separated by a glass window that allows the temperature to be regulated and the smoke to flow. The closure of the chambers reduces heat loss, and also gives the opportunity to prepare dishes according to the barbecue technique, that is, slow roasting in smoke and low temperature of large portions of meat.

Why Smoker?

Smoker is a brand that is highly recognized by companies in the broader food service industry – restaurants, bars, hotels, catering suppliers – both in Poland and abroad. Confirmation of the high quality of our products is provided by numerous awards and prizes, won, among others, at the Gdansk International Trade Fair and events dedicated to barbecue and barbecue.

Smoker grills include:

  • High capacity to prepare hundreds of servings of food within an hour,
  • ease of baking and smoking – the design of the grill and the materials used in its manufacture allow you to accurately control the thermal processing of food,
  • multifunctionality – barbecue-smokehouses can be successfully used to prepare traditional sausages and necks, as well as whole chickens, fish, steaks, burgers, as well as vegetables and fruits,
  • economy – thanks to its ability to retain heat, the grill maintains full efficiency even when using very little coal or firewood,

All this translates, above all, into a very high quality of prepared meals, both in terms of their taste and nutritional value. Smoker grills will effectively build the brand of any catering company.


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