1. Smoker” mobile barbecues are made of a thick (4mm – 6mm) special sheet metal with carbon addition, which can be heated up to 800º C during use. Therefore the device must be properly protected, especially against access by children.
The device must be used in accordance with the safety and health and safety regulations.
The device may only be operated by trained persons who have read the operating instructions.
4th Grillo-smoking plants do not pose a threat to human health, they have a Health Quality Certificate of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene no. HŻ/D/975 / 200.
5. new Grillo-Smoking Plants are painted with high-temperature resistant paint, therefore before the first use the device should be fired for a few hours in order to get rid of ethereal compounds contained in fresh paint. The paint cures under the influence of temperature, giving a durable, hard coating. Do not touch the barbecue-smoking area during firing – traces may remain. The paint becomes more elastic in the first phase under the influence of temperature, becomes soft, then it becomes slightly dull during curing.
During firing, under the influence of high temperature, an unpleasant scent of ethereal compounds will be emitted from the paint. Such a phenomenon will continue until the paint is matt. Therefore, during the first firing, the barbecue should be set up in such a place that it is not harmful to the environment. The higher the temperature at which the barbecue is burnt out, the faster the paint will harden. The best burning effects are obtained at the temperature of 200˚ C, but obtained on the chimney of the smokehouse.
Do not wash the grill with water before burning and hardening the paint. If there is any dirt, dry it with compressed air or a soft cloth.
8 The grill and smokehouse must be unpacked immediately from the foil after delivery to the destination. Water may accumulate under the foil.
9) Before burning the barbecue, the smokehouse should not stand in the open space during the rain. It should stand in a dry room, under a roof.
10) Use dry hardwood, hardwood – preferably beech, alder, oak or fruit wood that gives the products a mild aroma – to smoke in a barbecue smokehouse.
If the wood is wet, it can be dried in the barbecue while it is being kindled and prepared for use.
12) Use special ecological firelighters or a gas burner to light the grill.
Do not use newspapers, cardboard, petrol, etc. to light up the barbecue. Newspapers, cardboard will fly in the barbecue chambers and may stick to products and petrol will leave an unpleasant smell.
The device is equipped with thermometers which indicate temperature ranges for smoking or barbecue. While smoking, it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature, which is maintained by means of special sliders in the door and on the grill chimney. A special alloy of metal sheet with the addition of carbon and an appropriate thickness of metal sheet causes that the sheet has the properties of a chamotte in chimneys – it allows us to maintain a permanent, long lasting, stable temperature (especially important in unfavourable weather conditions – wind, rain, frost etc.).
During operation, the device should be positioned in the most favourable way so that the wind blows from the side of the fireplace towards the chimney and covers to the participants of events who will use the device – it speeds up the dispensing of food and gives better visual contact with products.
16. before every barbecue or smoking, the appliance should be well heated, the wood should be burnt properly so that the smoke from the chimney is light blue, with no dark, curly streaks.
(17) Before using the smokehouse, check that a bucket for fat and soot water is hung under the opening in the part below the smokehouse.
(18) After heating up the grill and burning the wood, stabilise the temperature by slowly closing the fireplace slide and the slide on the chimney. A better and faster effect is obtained if, after obtaining the appropriate consistency of smoke, you close the slide on the chimney completely and close the glass in the door of the fireplace completely. Wait until the temperature drops below the desired one, then open the slide on the chimney completely and slowly open the glass in the door millimetre by millimetre – until the right temperature is reached.
Once the temperature has been stabilised to the desired size, you can put in the products for grilling or smoking.
In order to check the quality of food, before opening the appliance covers, the chimney slide (if closed) should be opened completely in order to remove smoke from the grill or smoking room.
21. do not throw into the fireplace: paper, trays, cardboard boxes, plastic forks, bottles, rubbish, cigarette butts, etc.
Do not pour water into the fire after work is finished. Select the embers to a charger and cover them with earth or close all bolts and leave them to burn out completely.
23. after finishing the barbecue or wandering