Garden Grills

Grilling in Poland gained popularity in the 1990s, and today it is almost a tradition. Every year, with the advent of warmer days, Poles are eager to get together to prepare and eat all kinds of roasted meats with family or friends. At the same time, there is a growing awareness that the quality of the meal consists not only of the value of the ingredients, but also the class of the equipment used for grilling. Smoker garden grills are ideal for this role. What makes them stand out from the competition?

First and foremost, the design

The most important distinguishing feature of our backyard barbecue-smokehouses is their distinctive design. Most of the products in this category with their shape resembles a locomotive with a hearth located at the front and a smoking chamber in the form of a chimney. Another solution are barbecue-smokehouses from the Viking series, equipped with two smokehouses placed symmetrically under the sides of the chamber with a grate.

The division of the grill into separate chambers is crucial to their operation. All of them are separated by movable shafts, designed to accurately control the flow of heat and smoke. Such a solution gives full control over the thermal processing of food. The separation of the chambers also prevents the spread of dirt from the hearth and the dripping of melted fat onto the hot embers. The stability of the structure is also important – all models have been, including mobile ones, designed to minimize the risk of tipping them over.

What do we make our barbecue-smokehouses out of?

Not only the design, but also the material used in the production of the grill has an impact on its quality and functionality. The body of each Smoker barbecue is made of a special boiler sheet 4-6 mm thick. This material is characterized by properties similar to those of chamotte bricks – it accumulates heat, and then slowly gives it back after the embers in the hearth are extinguished. This makes it possible to ensure high temperature stability inside the grill even in harsh weather conditions, as well as to minimize the use of coal or fuel.

How to use from a garden grill-smokehouse?

Smoker grills are an excellent choice for any amateur of good meats – both the seasoned cook and the person just taking his first steps in preparing food from the grill. With its help, you will prepare not only aromatic, crispy sausages and juicy pork neck, which can not be missed at any garden party – thanks to the closed, airtight design, our devices are perfect for preparing dishes using the barbecue method, including ribs, whole chickens. The smokehouse, in turn, is a solution for anyone thinking of preparing aromatic meats, fish and game for their own use.

Benefits of a good barbecue

The quality and versatility of Smoker backyard barbecue-smokers allow you to prepare meals that will delight guests at garden parties. Thoughtful design and the class of materials used translate into an exceptional taste of food and hygienic cooking process, as well as its economy. An additional plus of the barbecue-smoker is its stylish appearance – the matte black of the barbecue body will perfectly fit into the aesthetics of almost any garden, making it an eye-pleasing decorative element.


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