In Poland, the barbecue season has started for good. At every step, like a long and wide country, people barbecue in the open air, enjoying the sun and the approaching summer. But is it surely a healthy habit? There are some myths about barbecue that we will try to disprove today.

Myth No. 1: Eating grilled food from a traditional barbecue can cause colorectal cancer.

When grilled fatty meat melts the fat that falls on heated coals, toxic substances are formed that evaporate and settle on our necks and sausages. However, it doesn’t have to be like this – it is enough that we will grill on aluminum trays that prevent the fat from dripping into the fire. It is also worth replacing fatty meats with lighter ones – fish or chicken, because the least fat is melted from them. But the best solution will be to use SMOKER type grills, where the source of temperature is outside the grill grills and the source of temperature is deciduous wood, ecological e.g. beech, alder, fruit wood.

Myth no. 2: Frequent barbecue eating leads to obesity.

And again we return to the topic of sausages and greasy necks. It is logical that notoriously exceeding the daily calorie requirement inevitably leads to the accumulation of additional kilograms, and 100 g of sausage is about 300 calories, that is, two sausages plus a glass of cola cover the daily energy requirement of an adult woman leading a sedentary lifestyle. However, you can enjoy the grilled food without worrying about the figure by choosing grilled chicken, fish baked in foil and vegetables. Grilled zucchinis and eggplants and mushrooms taste great. When it comes to fish, trout is irreplaceable, even with a bit of butter, sprinkled with dill and seasoned with lemon pepper.

Myth no. 3: We will fry the meat faster when we press it against the grill.

Pod żadnym pozorem tego nie róbcie! Dociskanie mięsa łopatką do rusztu nie przyspieszy pieczenia, a spowoduje tylko, że nasze mięso będzie suche jak wiór, ponieważ wypłynął z niego wszystkie soki. Nie wolno również nakłuwać mięsa widelcem, szpikulcami.

Myth no. 4: It is best to grill on natural charcoal and to help with the ignition with a liquid fire starter.

dry deciduous wood is most suitable for barbecues, because once lit, it holds the heat for a very long time, and it is on the heat and not on fire that we should fry the meat. As far as firelighters are concerned, we should stay away from these liquid ones, because they often contain oil-derived substances that are harmful to our health. It is better to use natural fire starters in cubes.

Grilling has become our national sport over the years. Every self-respecting father of the family considers himself a champion in this field. It even happened that 2nd May was declared the Grill Festival. We leave the assessment of this phenomenon to our readers. Let’s just remember that in everything one should keep moderation – even in the barbecue.