The Polish team proved to be unrivalled during the Jack Daniels 2013 World Championship and won first place in the SOS category! This is a historic success, because in the 25-year history of the competition in this crowning category for the American BBQ the team from outside the United States did not win!

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As every year, the BBQ World Championships – Jack Daniel’s 2013 – took place at the end of October in Lynchburg, Tennessee. This is the most prestigious competition of its kind in the world, and this year it is unique because it is a jubilee event. For the 25th time, the best barbecue specialists met in this small town known primarily for the production of one of the most recognizable beverages in the world – Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Invented by Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel’s whisky has been produced in the Lynchburg distillery since 1866. The company producing Jack Daniel’s is the first and the oldest officially registered distillery in the United States.

Less than 6,000 country-style town turns into the capital of the American BBQ during the contest, with a total of more than 25,000 people passing through. American specialties are displayed on special stalls and the feast takes place with the sounds of country music. The main product repeated at the stands were Jack Daniel’s sauces of different flavors. North America is famous for its sauces. Americans themselves believe that they can make them the best in the world. But in part it’s history, because this year the Polish team broke this myth and won in the category “Jack Daniel’s sauces”! It happened for the first time in the history of this competition that the team from outside the USA won in this prestigious category – so there are reasons to be proud!

Learning does not go into the woods and I hope that in next year’s competition we will fight for more trophies in other categories.

76 teams from the United States and 23 teams from around the world took part in the competition: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Holland, Norway, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain and Poland. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, nestors – Grand Prix winners from previous editions – were also invited to the competition, which greatly increased the rank of the event.

The atmosphere of the competition is unique. On the square, teams divided into three sectors compete: American, international teams and winners from previous years. In this sector, in addition to tents, trailers and necessary equipment, there are trophies won by the champions over the past 25 years.

For 2 days we had the opportunity to watch unique barbecue equipment, various technologies of marinating meat, and heat treatment. Despite the competition and ongoing rivalry, the atmosphere was very friendly. The teams often help themselves and share their knowledge and skills.

In the competition each team competed in 7 categories – on the right side of the winner.

Pork Ribs – Southern Krunk BBQ Society, USA Pork shoulder – QUAN, USA Brisket (beef) – – A Boy & His BBQ, USA Chicken – Little Pig Town, USA Dessert – Killer B’s BBQ, USA International dish – Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ, Canada Jack Daniel’s sauce – Polish BBQ Kings, Poland

The Polish BBQ Kings representation

Grzegorz Kazubski Jarosław Uściński Mirosław Reszczyk Maciej Grubman Łukasz Płowski Arthur Muszyna Tomasz Gawarzyński Krzysztof Brożek Mariusz Tkaczyk Leszek Kosarzecki

The award ceremony took place in a huge, country-style barn. Before presenting the most important trophies Jeff Arnett – Jack Daniels Master Distiller said. “The Jack Daniel’s competition is an ideal treat for barbecue enthusiasts around the world. Winning the Jack Daniel’s Championship International Barbecue award is a dream come true” – it is true, after receiving the award we can confirm it.

Observing this event, a reflection arises – how poor the barbecue is not only in our country but also in Europe. How much work needs to be done to match the teams from the USA – the cradle of BBQ. The results obtained by the teams in particular meat categories are evidence of that. The first 70 places were taken by teams from the United States, the rest belonged to teams from outside the USA.

Such a picture of the Championship is surely influenced by the fact that it is a big one:

– Better quality meat in the USA – especially beef, – barbecue equipment and BBQ, – types of wood and pickles, – Many years of practice, knowledge and experience, – partly a jury from the USA

The main originator of the sauce preparation technology, which turned out to be the best in the world was Mirosław Reszczyk. Such a great, historical achievement gave us tips to prepare for the competition next year.