Almost three and a half tons of products, 10 thousand portions of grilled treats, and crowds of guests. The two-day barbecue feast in Żnin was a huge success. The organizers and participants of the Great Barbecue are already planning and arranging for the second edition of the barbecue on the Small Żnin Lake next year, which will be combined with the celebration of the 750th anniversary of the City of Żnin. Translated with (free version)

During the two-day event, the First International Polish Championship – “SMOKER” was organized.

Five four-person teams participated in the contest:

The competition was evaluated by the professional and VIP Jury on the first day, and by the audience jury (tempter) for two days.

The professional jury was composed of :

VIP Jury :

It was represented by sponsors and representatives of the authorities of Żnin.

Jury – kusiciel :

It consisted of an audience that could buy chips and throw them into a box closed with three padlocks – the team that w.g.him made the best product at the same time being able to taste it, one chip = one vote (1 point).

Fish, sausages, necklaces, seafood, chicken, vegetables as we know you can grill practically everything and most importantly healthy! At the first Great Barbecue in Żnin, you could even try dishes prepared by Belgian masters from kangaroo.

Five “Smoker” type barbecues were used by five teams to prepare the dishes that were to win the palates of the jury and guests. During the two days of the event the Great Barbecue was visited by several thousand guests not only from ¯nin, but also from the whole Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province. The participants not only competed with each other for the main prize, which was the “King” barbecue house (the sum of points obtained from the Professional Jury, VIP and Temptator) but also shared their knowledge and skills with the guests. The curious could learn about the secrets and recipes, which manifested itself in large queues at the barbecue stands.

Among the guests of the harvest party there was the Marshal of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Piotr Całbecki, who had the opportunity to taste delicious grilled dishes, but not only. Mr. Marshal and Mrs. Deputy Mayor Aleksandra Nowakowska showed that they can also grill and prepare grilled specialties themselves.

The winners of the first day (Professional Jury and VIP) were a team of cooks from Belgium “Matias” led by Kurt Dekoninck. However, the Professional Jury with chairman Grzegorz Kazubski had no easy task. Delicious dishes were served for two consecutive days when participants competed for the “Temptator” prize. The event ended with a ceremonial awarding of prizes and awards and a symbolic extinguishing of the grill. The title of tempter went to the participants of the contest from the Gastronomicon team from Rzeszow under the leadership of Maciej Grubban.

The musical star of the Grand Smoker Grill in Żnin was the band De Mono, which gave almost 2 hours of concert.

Prize pool of the 1st International Polish Championship – “SMOKER” : 24 500,00 PLN

I place ; BBQ TEAM GASTRONOMICON – Rzeszów , Poland = 2 563 points.

Second place: BBQ TEAM MATIAS – Belgium = 1 725 points.

II place : FIRE HORNS BBQ TEAM – Warsaw , Poland = 1 513 points.

Organizatorem święta grillowania byli: Rafał Rykowski, Smoker, Władze Miasta Żnina, natomiast patronat nad imprezą objął Marszałek Województwa Kujawsko – Pomorskiego Piotr Całbecki. Sponsorami imprezy były firmy i instytucje: Drobex, Abramczyk, Ocetix, Cymes, Bekon, SR-H Rolnik Żnin, Swedeponic, Agencja Rynku Rolnego, Toi Toi, Family Park oraz Swedeponic, natomiast partnerami: TVP Bydgoszcz, Radio Żnin FM, Tygodnik Lokalny Pałuki oraz Hotel Martina.

Leszek Kosarzecki