Drewno jako podstawowe (ekologiczne) źródło temperatury: Do wędzenia najczęściej używa się drewna liściastego. Podstawowe rodzaje to: olchaolcha i


Smoking is a thermal process during which food (fish, meat and meat products) is subjected to temperature and smoke under various conditions – from low temperature (cold smoke) to high temperature (hot smoking). The temperature action of smoking is of great importance in improving food durability. It is associated with the removal (evaporation) of water […]


Historia: The oldest method of preserving food is curing (salting) and smoking – the first records of this date back 4000 B.C. and come from China and Egypt. In Europe, the pioneers were the Greeks, but on a massive scale salting was introduced by the Romans. In the mid-14th century, salting was improved by the […]