Grill smoker – Wi-King II-400

General specification:

  • Height: with smoking tubes / attachments: 198 cm., Without tubes: 102 cm.
  • Width: 88 cm.
  • Weight: 65 kg.
  • Length, depth: 70 cm.


Grill -smoker-  SmokeR type  “Wi-King II 400”  consists of three elements :

  1. Hearths,
  2. Grill or bbq part,
  3. Two smoke exhaust pipes.


Ad. 1. Hearth:

  • Length: 60 cm.
  • Tube diameter: 40 cm.
  • Fireplace grate: rod ø 16mm.
  • Shelf above the hearth: 20 cm x 28 cm


Ad. 2. Grill or bbq part.

  • Width: 60 cm
  • Tube diameter: 40 cm
  • Grill rack / bbq: 38 cm x 58 cm


Ad. 3. Two smoke discharge chimneys:

  • Height: 60 cm.
  • Pipe diameter = 80 mm. ended with a damper to regulate the temperature (  damper  )


Device description:  

Grill and Smoker type SmokeR  “Wi-King II 400”  – has a column arrangement of elements. The base is a hearth with a shelf for cooking or frying, above the hearth there is a grilling or bbq-type cooking chamber. From the grill chamber there are two smoke discharge pipes (the shape of the grill resembles a Viking helmet   with horns, hence the associated name). It is made of boiler plate with a thickness of 4 – 5 mm.

The special alloy of the sheet with the addition of carbon and the appropriate thickness of the sheet means that the sheet has properties like fireclay in chimneys – this allows you to maintain a long-lasting stable temperature (it is especially important in unfavorable weather conditions – wind, rain, frost, etc. and thermal treatment at low temperatures, cold smoking)

Attention !!! 

Grills with a tray thickness of  less than – 4 mm are not suitable for professional use . They have a short service life, and in special conditions – rain, wind, winter, frost, it is impossible to maintain a constant temperature regime, which in turn affects the quality of smoking, grilling or thermal treatment with low temperature, the so-called (barbecue)

The grilling grate / bbq is made of stainless steel with a rod with a thickness of 6 mm.

Smoker type: “Wi-King II 400” is designed for home use, it can be used in small restaurants up to about 30 people, small terraces, agritourism. The grill has two smokehouses installed in the “Wi-King II” grill and smoker. Smoking modules –    (smoking attachments)   can be of two different diameters, e.g. (  in this case, the dimensions are 40 cm, they can also be 30 cm  ).

Thermal treatment takes place outside the hearth. The furnace has a door with a cut-out hole in which a damper is mounted to regulate the temperature.

A shelf with dimensions of 20 cm x 28 cm is mounted above the hearth. for placing the pot in the pan, etc. We use hardwood as the temperature source – the best are beech, alder, oak or other  (see wood on our website)  , dry wood, seasoned in the sun is the best. Such wood, when used in the preparation of our products, will give off sweetness and an additional flavor in the form of an appropriate smoke aroma.

During thermal treatment, the products do not come into contact with the heat. “Wi-King II 400” – perfectly works in thermal treatment with the barbecue method, consisting in slow thermal treatment at low temperature, long covered. Ideal for thermal processing: beef steaks, burgers, larger pieces of whole meat, e.g. beef rib, entrecote, beef leg.

Attraction – has two independent smokehouses.