Grill smoker- KS II-400


  • Height: 102cm. without chimney pipe; 198cm. with chimney pipe.
  • Length: 138cm.
  • Weight: about 65kg.
  • Width: 65cm. Caster spacing, pipe diameter ( bbq ) – Ø 40cm.


Grillo-smoker “KS II – 400” consists of three elements:

Barbecue or bbq part. + smoke duct
Smoke outlet pipe – (removable).

Length : 40cm.
Pipe diameter – Ø 40cm.
Fireplace grate: rod ø 16mm.
Grate for grill/bbq: 2 x (19 cm x 38 cm)
Barbecue or bbq part.

Length: 82cm.
Pipe diameter – Ø 40cm.
Grate for barbecue/bbq: 3x (28cm x 38cm)
Smoke exhaust pipe ( replaceable ):

Height : 96cm.
Pipe diameter = 80mm. Finished with glazing.
Description of the device: Grill smoker “KS II – 400” – (Original version) – is characterized by a linear arrangement of elements, resembling the shape (locomotive). It has two legs with wheels and two without wheels. It is made of a special sheet metal with a larger admixture of coal: 4 mm – 6 mm.

The special alloy of the sheet with the addition of carbon and the appropriate thickness of the sheet makes this sheet have properties like chamotte in chimneys – it allows to maintain a stable temperature for a long time (especially important in unfavorable weather conditions – wind, rain, frost, etc.).

Attention !!!!

Barbecues with a not suitable plate thickness below 4mm are not suitable for professional use. They have a short life expectancy, besides, in special conditions – rain, wind, winter, frost it is difficult to maintain the temperature regime, which in effect translates into the quality of their specialties.

Grids in our barbecue/bbq machines are made of stainless steel rod thickness – Ø 6mm.

Grill smoker KS II 400 is designed for use at home or small restaurants up to 40 people, terraces, agrotourism. The barbecue has no smokehouse. The heat treatment takes place outside the hearth. The hearth has a door with a cut-out hole in which a pane for temperature control is mounted. There is a hinged lid above the hearth and a shelf with the following dimensions: 20cm x 28cm, used for placing a pot, pan, etc. As a source of temperature we use deciduous wood – the best beech, alder, oak or other (see wood) the best dry, seasoned. During the heat treatment there is no grease contact with the heat. Excellent for heat treatment in BBQ system – slow processing of products at low temperatures under cover – long. Ideal for heat treatment: beef steaks, burgers, beef brisket, beef rib, shoulder, pork ham – large size etc.

In the case of the KS II 400 smoker barbecue smoker there is a possibility to buy a smoking starter – we have three sizes to choose from: – Ø 300 ; Ø 400 ; Ø 500,

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