Smoker Grillers

Good quality meat is the basis of Polish gastronomy. However, the taste qualities and health properties of meat are determined not only by its origin, but also by proper heat treatment. A reliable solution for preparing not only delicious, but also healthy meat dishes, are Smoker brand grillers.

We offer a wide range of equipment: from garden barbecue-smokers, suitable for gatherings with family and friends, as well as powerful machines on lavatories, designed to serve mass outdoor events.

How are our barbecue-smokehouses constructed?

In the production of all our barbecue-smokehouses, we use high-quality boiler steel sheets with a thickness of 4 to 6 mm. This material is characterized not only by very high durability and strength, but also by excellent thermal properties. The composition of the steel means that it heats up quickly and maintains a high temperature long after the embers in the hearth are extinguished. As a result, the process of grilling or smoking can occur without the slightest problem even in adverse weather conditions – such as rain and strong wind – and with minimal fuel consumption.

Another thing that is characteristic of our barbecue-smokehouses is the special linear layout, which distinguishes them from traditional barbecues. The hearth is not located under the grate, but in a separate chamber – the generated heat and air enters the barbecue section and smokehouse through an adjustable airlock. This not only allows you to very precisely regulate the amount of heat and smoke used to process the food, but also prevents the problematic dripping of rendered fat from the meat onto the hot embers. As a result, the food being prepared is of much better quality and healthier.

Many of our backyard barbecue-smokehouses are equipped with wheels, allowing the device to be easily moved while maintaining the necessary stability. Among the barbecue-smokehouses for business are devices on trailers, which can be transported any distance even with a passenger car.

Why should you choose Smoker barbecue grills?

We are a recognized in Poland and abroad manufacturer of barbecue and smoking equipment, both amateur and professional. Proof of the high quality of our products are numerous awards and prizes, won at trade fairs and events related to the barbecue and BBQ industry.

When you choose our product you are choosing:

  • healthy and tasty cuisine – the special design of the grill-smoker allows you to prepare meats, fish, poultry and vegetables that delight with flavor and are healthier than fried on an ordinary grill,
  • Many years of durability – thanks to the use of robust materials, our barbecue-smokers are able to remain fully operational for many years from the day of purchase. They are a great investment for businesses as well as backyard barbecue enthusiasts;
  • multifunctionality – grills are great for preparing both traditional sausages and BBQ dishes, for example, whole chickens, ribs, steaks.
  • high efficiency – the ability to accumulate heat makes our barbecue-smokers able to work brilliantly even with very little fuel consumption, which translates into lower costs.

With all this, the black-tin grill-smokehouse is a stylish decoration for any garden.

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