Grill smoker – Mac & Ivic

General specification:

  • Height: 157 cm. + 64 cm Ø 160 mm stainless steel chimney
  • Depth: 64 cm.
  • Width: 84 cm
  • Wheel track: 60 cm x 68 cm.


Grill and smokehouse – “Mac & Ivic” is an absolute novelty on our market. We are pioneers in implementing the latest thermal processing equipment.

The “Mac & Ivic Smoker” is a device that takes the bbq process to a new level. Thanks to the control unit with a wi-fi module and continuous monitoring of the process through the applications, we are confident that all our dishes will be extremely tasty and healthy. The application allows us to change the settings of the heat treatment temperature and time, as well as allows us to plan the entire baking process taking into account the set temperatures at a specific time.

A. Grillo-smokehouse “Mac & Ivic” consists of:

  • hermetically sealed furnace – 1 pc
  • Grill and bbq chambers – smoking. – 2 pcs (hermetically closed)
  • Water tub for thermal treatment – pcs. 1


B. Hearth:

  • Width: 70 cm.
  • Depth: 54 cm.
  • Ash tray.


C. Grill and bbq chambers – smoking. – 2nd chamber:

  • Grill grates: 2 compartments x 2 pcs.
  • stainless steel grate = 4 pcs. X (69 cm x 54 cm) = 1.49 m²


D. Water tub:

  • Width: 64cm.
  • Depth: 50cm.
  • Height: 6 cm.
  • Water drainage (External tap)
  • Water supply, outer container with a tap regulating the water supply to the bathtub.


E. Smoking sticks: 4 pcs.

F. Control unit:

BBQ “Guru Cyber ​​Q Cloud” with a wifi module and the ability to preview (tablet, phone) the current BBQ process with full regulation and control of the temperature inside the device and the food itself.

!! A set of two sensors (the option to buy two additional sensors). !!

Device description:

The structure of the Mac & Ivic grill and smoker is mounted in a box arrangement resembling a shape (cabinets). Double wall made of 2mm internal and 1.5mm external sheets, powder coated up to 200˚C, painted in black, red and polished stainless steel.

50 mm wall thickness insulated with 2 x 25 mm silicon plate up to 1200˚C.

All our devices are of the highest quality and guarantee the preparation of products at a professional level.

A single charge of products for thermal treatment is approx. 80 kg of the charge, which gives = approx. 800 portions – 100 g.

“Mac & Ivic” is made of two sheets between which we used a 5 cm thick silicon plate. used in temperatures up to 1 200˚ C for more stable operation of the device, eliminating temperature jumps caused by e.g. weather conditions.

The most important advantages of the “Mac & Ivic” Smoker are:

  1. Heat treatment takes place under lock – security.
  2. We use dry wood for thermal treatment – ecology
  3. The heat treatment takes place outside the temperature source – health.
  4. The whole process is under the control of the Guru computer – saving time.
  5. Very low consumption of wood, fuel – hermetically sealed furnace – economy.


Category: Grill and smokehouse stationary / for paid work / medium, large business – restaurant terraces, hotel gardens, fish ponds, butcher shops as well as – agritourism, wedding houses, occasional events.

We conduct workshops and trainings in the field of curing, smoking, thermal treatment at low temperatures. Terms and price to be agreed individually.

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