Grill smoker – KS II – 500

General specification:

  • Height: 115cm. without a chimney pipe; 198cm. with a chimney pipe.
  • Length: 190 cm.
  • Weight: approx. 85 kg.
  • Width: 68 cm. On wheels, pipe diameter (bbq) – Ø 50 cm.


Smoker grill and smoker “KS II – 500”   consists of three elements:

  1.  Hearths,
  2.  Grill or bbq part. + smoke channel
  3.  Smoke discharge pipe – (removable).



  • Length: 60cm.
  • Pipe diameter – Ø 50 cm.
  • Fireplace grate: rod ø 16mm.
  • Grill grate / bbq: 2 x (19 cm x 38 cm)


Grill or bbq part

  • Length: 130 cm.
  • Pipe diameter – Ø 50 cm.
  • Grill grate / bbq: 3x (43cm x 48cm)


Pipe (removable) smoke exhaust:

  • Height: 96cm.
  • Pipe diameter = 160 mm. finished with a hammer.


Description of the device:    Smoker grill “KS II – 500” – ( Original version ) – characterized by a linear arrangement of elements, resembling the shape (of a locomotive). It has two legs with wheels and two without wheels. It is made of a special sheet with a greater admixture of carbon with a thickness of 4 mm – 6 mm.

        The special alloy of the sheet with the addition of carbon and the appropriate thickness of the sheet mean that the sheet has properties like fireclay in chimneys – this allows you to maintain a long-lasting stable temperature (it is especially important in unfavorable weather conditions – wind, rain, frost, etc.)

Attention !!!

Grills that do not have an appropriate tray with a thickness of less than 4mm are not suitable for professional use . They have a short service life, and in special conditions – rain, wind, winter, frost, it is difficult to maintain the temperature regime, which in turn translates into the quality of their specialties.

The grates in our grill / bbq devices are made of stainless steel – Ø 6mm thick.

Smoker  grill, type: KS II 500, is intended for use in gastronomy – restaurant terraces, agritourism. The grill does not have a smokehouse . Thermal treatment takes place outside the hearth. The furnace has a door with a cut-out hole in which a damper for temperature regulation is mounted. Above the firebox there is a tilted cover and a shelf with dimensions: 20cm x 48cm is mounted on it, used to put a pot, pan, etc. We use hardwood as a temperature source – the best beech, alder, oak or other ( see wood) best dry, seasoned. There is no contact between fat and heat during thermal treatment. Perfect for thermal processing in the BBQ system – slow processing of products at low temperatures under cover – long. Perfect for thermal processing: beef steaks, burgers, beef brisket, beef rib, shoulder, pork ham – large dimensions, etc.


In the case of the smoker KS II 500 grill and smoker, it is possible to buy a Smoked Starter – we have three sizes to choose from:


– Ø 300; Ø 400; Ø 500,