Grill smoker – King K-600


The SmokeR King K-600 smoker grill   consists of three elements:


  • Length: 50 cm
  • Tube diameter: 50 cm
  • Fireplace grate: rod ø 16mm
  • Grill rack / bbq: 2 x (19 cm x 48 cm)


Grill or bbq part

  • Length: 128 cm
  • Tube diameter: 50 cm
  • Grill grate / bbq: 3x (48 cm x 43 cm)


Smokehouse or bbq:

  • Height: 148 cm
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Depth: 60 cm
  • Grid for bbq (square ) : 4 x (58 cm x 58 cm)
  • Smoking sticks: 2-3 levels x 5 pcs.


Description of the device: The  ” King K – 600″ grill and smokehouse is a multifunctional device for thermal processing of products – fish, meat, vegetables, fruit. The elements of the grill are mounted in a linear system, resembling the shape of a locomotive. They are characterized by a durable construction. The hearth and part of the grill and smokehouse are made in the form of a pipe with a diameter of 50 cm, while the smokehouse has the shape of a square with dimensions: 60 cm x 60 cm. Grillo – smokehouse is made of sheet metal with a thickness of: 4.0 mm to 5.0 mm.

A special alloy of sheet metal with the addition of carbon and the appropriate thickness of the sheet give it properties such as fireclay in chimneys – this allows you to maintain a durable, long-lasting, stable temperature (it is especially important in unfavorable weather conditions – wind, rain, frost, e.t.c.).

Note:  Grills with an unsuitable tray that are less than 4 mm thick are not suitable for professional use. They have a short lifespan, and in special conditions – rain, wind, winter, frost – it is difficult to maintain the temperature regime, which in turn affects the quality of smoking, grilling or barbecue.

The grates in our grill / bbq devices are made of stainless steel, the rod is Ø 6mm thick. They have two thermometers on the scale =  F˚ and C˚.

Grillo-Wędzarnia is intended for commercial work, business, medium and large restaurants, restaurant terraces, agritourism, weddings and events.

The device has a square-shaped smoking module with a side of 60 cm – a single charge for the smokehouse from 50 to 70 kg – this corresponds to the amount of approx. 120 trout weighing 0.5 kg – but better results are obtained when there is more space in the smokehouse (products faster dry, and then a nicer smoking color is obtained).

Thermal treatment can take place outside the furnace. The furnace has a door with a cut-out hole in which a damper for temperature regulation is mounted.

A shelf with dimensions of 30 cm x 38 cm is installed above the hearth, used to put the pot, pan, etc.

We use hardwood as the source of temperature – the best are beech, alder, oak or other ( see  wood ), preferably dry, seasoned. During the heat treatment, the fat is not in contact with the heat, the fat flows into the bucket and is further removed.

Perfect for thermal processing in the BBQ system – slow processing of products at low temperatures under cover – long.

Another advantage is that products placed further away from the hearth can wait up to several hours for release without losing their taste.

Interesting facts:

By burning starch in the firebox, e.g. potato peelings – (the old way of drying chimneys at home), we remove tar compounds from the walls of the smoker.

The SmokeR King K-600 is an ideal model for thermal processing of: beef steaks, burgers, beef brisket, beef ribs, shoulder, pork ham – large dimensions, and also for smoking various fish products, sausages, meat, etc. and etc.

The ability to spend 300 portions per hour – a record of 670 portions.

The biggest advantages of the “King” Smoker   are:

1. Thermal treatment is covered – safety

2. We use dry wood for thermal treatment – ecology

3. The heat treatment takes place outside the temperature source – health